SDK Java v1.x

You are currently looking at the documentation of a previous version of Kuzzle. We strongly recommend that you use the latest version. You can also use the version selector in the top menu.

This SDK has been deprecated because of stability issues. It is not advised to use it in a production environment.

info #

Returns information about Kuzzle: available API (base + extended), plugins, external services (Redis, Elasticsearch, ...), servers, etc.

Arguments #

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public java.lang.String info(
public java.lang.String info();
Arguments Type Description Required
options io.kuzzle.sdk.QueryOptions An object containing query options. no

Options #

Additional query options

Property Type Description Default
queuable boolean Make this request queuable or not true

Return #

Return server information as a String.

Exceptions #

Throws a io.kuzzle.sdk.KuzzleException if there is an error. See how to handle error.

Usage #

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try {
  String info = new String(kuzzle.getServer().info());
  System.out.println("Kuzzle Server information as JSON string: " + info);
} catch (KuzzleException e) {