SDK Java v2.x

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isActionAllowed #

Specifies if an action is allowed, denied or conditional based on the rights provided as the first argument:

  • allowed is returned when an action is authorized without condition
  • conditional is returned when the authorization depends on a closure
  • denied is returned when the action is forbidden

An action is defined as a pair of action and controller (mandatory), plus an index and a collection(optional).

You can get the rights from Kuzzle by using Security.getUserRights and Kuzzle.getMyRights.

isActionAllowed(rights, controller, action, index, collection) #

Arguments Type Description
rights JSON array Rights list
controller String The controller
action String The action
index String The index
collection String The collection

Return Value #

Returns either allowed, denied or conditional.

Usage #

Copied to clipboard! ResponseListener<JSONObject[]>() {
  public void onSuccess(JSONObject[] rights) {
    // Policies is an enum with the following properties:
    // allowed, denied, conditional
    Policies authorization =, "read", "get", "index1", "collection1");
  public void onError(JSONObject error) {
    // ...