SDK Java v2.x

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searchUsers #

Return users matching the given filter.

searchUsers(filters, [options], callback) #

Arguments Type Description
filters JSON Object Filter in Elasticsearch's Query DSL format
options JSON Object Optional parameters
callback function Callback handling the response

Options #

Option Type Description Default
from number Starting offset 0
queuable boolean Make this request queuable or not true
scroll string Start a scroll session, with a time to live equals to this parameter's value following the Elastisearch time format undefined
size number Number of hits to return per result page 10

To get more information about scroll sessions, please refer to the API reference documentation.

Callback Response #

Return a JSON Object

Usage #

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JSONObject filter = new JSONObject()
  .put("bool", new JSONObject()
    .put("must", new JSONArray()
      .put(new JSONObject()
        .put("terms", new JSONObject()
          .put("profileIds", new JSONArray().put("anonymous").put("default"))
      .put(new JSONObject()
        .put("geoDistance", new JSONObject()
          .put("distance", "10km")
          .put("pos", new JSONObject()
            .put("lat", 48.8566140)
            .put("lon", 2.352222)
// optional: result pagination configuration
Options options = new Options();
options.setFrom((long) 0);
options.setSize((long) 42);
  .searchUsers(filters, options, new ResponseListener<SecurityDocumentList>() {
    public void onSuccess(SecurityDocumentList users) {
      // users.getDocuments() returns an users list
      for(User user : users.getDocuments()) {
      // Total number of profiles, regardless of pagination
      long total = users.getTotal();
      // Available only if a "scroll" option has been provided
      String scrollId = users.getScroll()
    public void onError(JSONObject error) {

Callback response:

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  "total": 124,
  "users": [
    // array of User objects
  // only if a scroll parameter has been provided
  "scrollId": "<scroll identifier>"