SDK Javascript v5.x

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Document #

Kuzzle handles two types of documents: realtime messages and stored documents. Document is the object representation of one of these document types.

Document(Collection, [documentId], [content]) #

Arguments Type Description
Collection object An instantiated Collection object
content JSON Object Initializes this document with the provided content
documentId string ID of an existing document.

Note: this constructor won't make any call to Kuzzle. When providing only a document ID, the refresh method should be called to retrieve the corresponding document content.

Properties #

Property name Type Description get/set
collection string The collection associated to this document get
content JSON Object The content of the document get/set
headers JSON Object Common headers for all sent documents. get/set
id string Unique document identifier get/set
meta JSON Object Document metadata get
version integer Current document version get


  • setting a new value to the content property is equivalent to calling setContent(data, false)
  • setting a new value to the id property will force this value for this document
  • the headers property is inherited from the provided Collection object and can be overrided

Usage #

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  Constructors are not exposed in the JS/Node SDK.
  Document objects are returned by various Collection methods.
  You may also use the Collection.document() method:
var document = kuzzle.collection('collection', 'index').document('id');
document = kuzzle
  .collection('collection', 'index')
  .document({content: 'some content'});
document = kuzzle
  .collection('collection', 'index')
  .document('id', {content: 'some content'});