SDK Javascript v5.x

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updateUser #

Performs a partial update on an existing user.

updateUser(id, content, [options], [callback]) #

Arguments Type Description
id string Unique user identifier
content JSON Object A plain JSON object representing the user
options string (Optional) Optional arguments
callback function (Optional) Callback handling the response

Options #

Filter Type Description Default
queuable boolean Make this request queuable or not true
refresh string If set to wait_for, Kuzzle will wait for the persistence layer to finish indexing (available with Elasticsearch 5.x and above) undefined

Return Value #

Returns the Security object to allow chaining.

Callback Response #

Returns an updated User object.

Usage #

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var newContent = {
  firstname: 'My Name Is',
  lastname: 'Jonas'
// Using callbacks (NodeJS or Web Browser)
  .updateUser("User ID", newContent, function (err, updatedUser) {
    // "updatedUser" is an instance of a User object
// Using promises (NodeJS)
  .updateUserPromise("User ID", newContent)
  .then(updatedUser => {
    // "updatedUser" is an instance of a User object