SDK PHP v3.x

zremrangebyrank #

Removes members from a sorted set with their position in the set between start and stop (inclusive).

Positions are 0-based, meaning the first member of the set has a position of 0.

[Redis documentation]

zremrangebyrank(key, min, max, [options], [callback]) #

Arguments Type Description
key string Key identifier
min int Minimum position index (inclusive by default)
max int Maximum position index (inclusive by default)
options JSON Object Optional parameters
callback function Callback

Options #

Option Type Description Default
queuable boolean Make this request queuable or not true

Return Value #

Returns the MemoryStorage object to allow chaining.

Callback Response #

Returns an integer containing the number of removed members from the sorted set.

Usage #

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use \Kuzzle\Kuzzle;
$kuzzle = new Kuzzle('localhost');
try {
  $count = $kuzzle->memoryStorage()->zremrangebyrank('key', 1, 2);
catch (ErrorException $e) {

Callback response:

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